Anthony Bell, Construction Manager, Turner Construction

Anthony Bell As a Construction Manager in charge of oversight and quality assurance, Anthony Bell is always busy on the Transbay Transit Center site. He spends his days assessing work to ensure its quality and documenting each item that enters the site. Anthony’s work is an important part of creating what will be a safe, reliable, and convenient transportation center for San Francisco and its citizens.

Anthony didn’t always work in construction. He began his professional life in the National Football League, playing for the Oakland Raiders, Detroit Lions and Arizona Cardinals. Today, he uses the skills he learned on the football field to be successful on the project site. Because the Transbay project is so large and involves so many different contractors, Anthony says the teamwork skills he learned playing football serve him well every day.

Though Anthony has worked on other major projects, such as the Oakland Airport Expansion and Laguna Honda Hospital, he is still awestruck by the sheer size of the Transbay Transit Center. He enjoys working with the diverse array of people who enter the jobsite, from fellow construction workers to TJPA staff to visiting dignitaries.