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Ceremonial Ribbon Cutting of Salesforce Transit Center

View the Ceremonial Ribbon Cutting of Salesforce Transit Center

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Penrose design unveiled for new Transbay Transit Center

The San Francisco’s new Transbay Transit Center will serve as The City’s largest transportation hub while reviving a design from the past.

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Ayerdi-Kaplan propelled a San Francisco infrastructure hub

Developing the Transbay Transit Center in San Francisco has been a nearly two-decade crusade for Maria Ayerdi-Kaplan, executive director of the Transbay Joint Powers Authority (TJPA). Hired in 1998 by Willie Brown, then the city’s mayor, she fostered consensus among disparate stakeholders to replace an aging bus terminal with a …

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The Transformation of Transbay

On January 13, 1939, a group of commuters held a wake onboard a ferry crossing San Francisco Bay. The next day, trains were to start running on the Bay Bridge from the East Bay to the newly constructed Transbay Transit Terminal, and ferry service would end. A reporter for the …

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The Grand Central Station of the West

The “Grand Central Station of the West,” the Transbay Transit Center (TTC) Project is a $4.5 billion transportation and housing project that will be the heart of a new transit-friendly neighborhood.

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S.F. gets 1st glimpse at new Transbay center’s skin

The panel dangling from a forklift is 6 by 6 feet, aluminum punched by angled perforations in a not-quite-abstract pattern. It wears three coats of white paint. Flecks of mica add a hint of sheen.

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Placing a bid on diversity: New supplier programs give LGBT-owned businesses a chance at major contracts

For years, minority- and woman-owned businesses have benefitted from the chance to compete for business at large corporations with sophisticated supplier diversity programs. Now, small businesses owned by gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender entrepreneurs are seeking the same opportunities.

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The Visionary Driving SF’s Transit Future

By Jonah Owen Lamb – The Examiner, March 30, 2014

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Dealmaker of the year: Maria Ayerdi-Kaplan

By J.K. Dineen – San Francisco Business Times, March 28, 2014

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Transbay Terminal Gulps Concrete

By J.K. Dineen – San Francisco Business Times, September 5, 2013

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Transbay Land Sale Smashes Records, Funds Terminal

By Sachiko Yoshitsugo – San Francisco Business Times, June 28, 2013

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Transbay Developer Delivers Money to SF

By John Wildermuth – San Francisco Chronicle, March 27, 2013

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Transbay Transit Center Work Progressing

By John King – San Francisco Chronicle, December 24, 2012

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Mammoth Tooth Found at Transbay Dig

By Michael Cabanatuan, San Francisco Chronicle, September 13, 2012

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Wrecking Ball about to hit Transbay Terminal

By Michael Cabanatuan, San Francisco Chronicle, December 2, 2010

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Plan for new Transbay Terminal in, under budget

By John King, San Francisco Chronicle, April 22, 2010

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Transbay Terminal is focus of rail project

By Will Reisman, San Francisco Examiner, April 9, 2010

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High-speed rail to end at Transbay Terminal

By John Wildermuth, San Francisco Chronicle, April 9, 2010

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Structural Design for Fire Conditions

Modern Steel Construction, April 2010

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Transbay Terminal project gets stimulus funds

By John Coté, Michael Cabanatuan, San Francisco Chronicle, January 29, 2010

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$400M to go toward Transbay Transit Center train station

By John Upton, San Francisco Examiner, January 28, 2010

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Transbay project receives $171 million federal loan

By John Coté, San Francisco Chronicle, January 26, 2010

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S.F.’s Transbay center gets $171M loan

By Eric Young, San Francisco Business Times, January 26, 2010

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Ambitious Downtown Transit Project Is at Hand

By Brad Stone, New York Times, January 2, 2010

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SF Transbay Transit Center and Tower

Architecture Plus Magazine, December 2007

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