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The park, which is just over a quarter mile long, will feature an array of spaces, including both active and quiet areas featuring both organized events like concerts and fairs, as well as unstructured natural settings in which visitors can relax. The vibrant plaza which sits at the center of the park will receive the largest influx of visitors from the building’s main escalator and elevator which connect to the ground level.

The park’s western end will feature an amphitheater and stage for programmed performances.  Interspersed throughout the park, display gardens which flower and provide visual interest year-round will be planted. In addition to the botanic displays, open lawn areas will allow visitors to enjoy the park setting. Children will also find places for active and dynamic exploration in the Children’s Play Gardens. These areas will fit seamlessly into the overall park plan, but will contain garden elements and constructions that offer varied perceptions and experiences for the young and young at heart.

The images and renderings in this album showcase examples of the features that will be incorporated in City Park.

City Park Album